Sunday, May 12, 2013

Europe Day Ten - To Berlin!


Jey and I got up semi early (6ish, I believe) for train times :D

It was off to Berlin!

We made sammiches and stuff the night before (or maybe that morning, my memory, it blurs) with the afore-pictured salami deliciousness, had some snacks and drinks packed up and walked down to the train station yay~

Since Ramstein is so small, there wasn't a direct train from there, but all in all we only made two transfers. One only one stop over at Landstuhl and one in... Frankfurt maybe?

And into Berlin either at 13:00 or 15:00, one of those I can't remember which.

Off the train and to the hostel!

According to the directions, it was to be a less than ten minute walk from the station. We stayed at Plus Berlin, which had good reviews on Hostelworld but to be honest as we walked there the neighborhood seemed a little skeevey and I was a tad nervous! (It was for naught, to dispel any worry up front [though obviously I made it back safe soooo])

On the way there I saw this graffiti!

I thought it was hilarious 8D

Hostel, Berlin Wall, and More!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Europe Day Eight

I know I said I did day Eight already, but that day Eight was actually day Nine. I forgot Trier was befooore the military base.

Also I got a bit confused about which day I was waiting for the train. That's because I had to wait both days 8D The first day, when going to Kaiserslaturn, I had wandered about more and shops were open and I got to go *in* to many places. So this time, I remembered how the machine wouldn't take the 50 Euro notes so I popped over to the bank on the way to get change. Which took longer than I thought so I literally watched the train leave as I walked down to the station :/
So again, an hour to kill. Only this time no shops were open yet (and anyway, I'd been in them all) so I walked right out of Ramstien 8D

Couple shots in Ramstein, then Trier!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Europe Day Six! And Seven. And Eight!

Three days at once! Oh my. It sounds daunting, but it isn't really.

Monday, August 27th, I left England for Germany~

So it was a bit of a short day.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Europe Day Five (with a smidge of Day Four)

Augh whoops, I haven't posted about my trip for over a month! I'm only on Day Five ;_;

I'm determined to actually post about this trip though (which... is what I said about India, three years ago, and Japan, two years ago....).

So anyway.

Time change and all means my camera thought something that was this day was actually the previous night.

I'm.... running.
Because it's the Who thing to do.

Rest of the night aaand... Clothes day!