Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Europe Day 20

Oh man, this day. Leaving Budapest day.

Well, we started it by eating or throwing out all the leftovers, and we had a semi early start because checkout was at 12:30, and we wanted to walk around Not With Our Backpacks. I don’t remember if I’d mentioned, but based on e-mail we’d been under the impression that we could leave our backpacks there the entire day, sadly not so. Anyway, the door bell rings. I think for some reason the guy must be WAY early… obviously I am not thinking, ‘cause I open the door. And. It’s not him. It was a handy man who needed access to the balcony to take some measurements, ‘cause he was working next door or something. I thought, well we’re eating, we’re there, it’s just some measurements, I guess that’s okay.

So he takes the measurements, then comes back and tries to explain More Things. In Hungarian. I’m just like “This cannot end well.” Well, I just called the person who was supposed to meet us for the key exchange, and had him talk to the handyman. And he said just let him do whatever he needs to do. But… somehow he didn’t convey to the handyman himself that we were leaving, and it was fine to just.. do whatever. So this poor guy, he’s getting frustrated I have no idea what he’s talking about. Eventually he got us to follow him downstairs to talk to the apartment manager, who speaks English. I told him we were leaving, and gave him the guys phone number, the manager said that was fine, he’ll just explain it again with the new people… so we left. It was just very weird, and sounds super short here, but it was quite a bit of time and the poor handyman was all frustrated, and I was getting flustered ‘cause I thought the phone call settled the whole matter.

I’m sure it worked out in the end.

We went to the Great Market.


It was pretty great!