Monday, March 23, 2015

Thailand Day 10/Cambodia Day 2 - Part Two

From Banteay Srei we went to the Cambodia Landmine Museum before heading to Banteay Samre.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Thailand Day 10/Cambodia Day 2 - Part One

So! We decided to a light day today, and cram more into the next day. Because it’s $20 or $30/day to go into Angkor Wat (I don’t remember which). In hindsight, that isn’t that much, but we thought these particular temples weren’t part of that, so we’d do those first and just pay once for the others. Plus being so tired, we wanted to not push it too much.

So, leisurely breakfast at the hotel:


Then met our driver outside and off to Banteay Srei!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thailand Day 9 - Actually Cambodia Day 1

We rose early and took the free shuttle to the airport and from there E & I parted ways with Jey. She got on a plane to head back and we went down to the free shuttle to take us to Don Mueang airport, a smaller local airport about an hour away.

I honestly don’t remember the particulars now, we had looked up “how to get to Don Mueang airport from Suvarnabhumi international airport” and found a good walkthrough, probably on tripadvisor. But it’s really easy, just outside the arrivals there’s a shuttle and a desk. You do have to show that you have a flight, so you have to have your boarding pass or receipt printed. Otherwise, people could just use it as a free shuttle.


We found something to eat at the airport, before going through security. I accidently got something super spicey >.< But I was still feeling quite out of it, so I only ate the rice anyway.
Then through security! Where I’d forgotten to take my tiny (teen tiny) exacto knife out of my carry on D: I tried to show the person the blade comes out and I’ll throw the blade away, ‘cause I loved that little knife thing. We used it to peel fruits, and it was a great thread cutter. But they made me toss the whole knife ;_; Still sad about that.


Off to Cambodia!