Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thailand Day 10/Cambodia Day 3 - Part Three

When I remembered to, I took pictures of the signs so I’d know where we were!
This next temple was a complex called Angkor Thom.
Well, kind of. Prasat Bayon is actually in that complex. So this is the rest of it!


It looks big, but it wasn’t nearly as large as Angkor Wat!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Thailand Day 10/Cambodia Day 3 - Part Two

Back to posting 8D
I really don’t know how anyone does this actually ON the road. I’d say maybe I take too many pictures but, I’ve seen blogs w/ lots of pictures? So it must just be me.
But speaking of pictures…
Even though this day was non-stop temples, like we went to over 20 (actually Is stopped counting after 15, but something about 21 sticks in my mind)... my camera ran out of batteries. And my sister’s camera wasn’t charging for unknown reasons. I did take more photos on the phone I was using at the time, but since moving I’m not 100% sure where it and the card adapter are.
Anyway, I still managed to take pics, and maybe it’s a blessing in disguise as it won’t take 20 posts to get through one day, but sadly there were loads of things I wasn’t able to take pics of that I would have loved to.

But focusing on the good! Now to post pics I *did* take!

So Angkor Wat was beautiful, it was huge and iconic and sunrise was amazing, but this next one was one of my very favourites. This and one we went to later this day I could have spent the entire time in.


Doesn’t look like much with the restoration going on...