Monday, September 29, 2014

Thailand Day 2 - Part One

Had a bit of an issue uploading the next batch of pics, but finally got some up!

Took LOTS of pictures on day two, so I’ll have to break this up.

So we pretty much got up and went! I’d read that the Marble Temple area has some nice stuff around it, and it looked like a 15-20 min walk from our hostel, so we thought that sounded good and I’d printed out this page as a really general guide.


Part one!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thailand Day 1!

A'ight, Thailand!

So we were supposed to leave on August 28th, crazy early in the morning (I don't remember the exact time now, but 1am-ish), and that flight was cancelled! D: "Mechanical failure" I think is what they said. There was a lot of running around due to that, but we were able to get rescheduled for the next night, and I spent Thursday putzing and cleaning.

Also due to the reschedule, instead of a 10 hour layover in Taiwan, during which we were going to leave the airport and explore, we had only 1.5-2 hours, putting us into Bangkok earlier in the day than we were scheduled to.