Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Partial Haitus... thing

Soooo, in-between taking pics, literally from one picture to the next, my camera's SD card died. At the Cheesecake Factory of all places! (in my defense, their decor really looked like the Eye of Sauron was watching us eat...)

I take pictures of eeeeeverything, I have such a terrible memory I feel like I have to! So this is kind of a big a deal (and an excellent reminder to me to back up any pictures once a week going forward).

Before I descend into despondency I need to exhaust all my options for recovery, and sadly I don't really have time for that at the moment.

I am 90% sure I backed up all my travel photos, it's just with my moving I need to find the harddrive, and which harddrive, etc etc.
So we'll see.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Thailand Day 12

So! Chiang Mai!
Between all the other planning, and our planned hiking tour, we decided to just leave some Chiang Mai days free to take it easy.
So the evening before, when we were just relaxing in our room, we looked up some things to do.
#2 on Tripadvisor at the time was a cat cafe called Catmosphere. Neither E nor I have been to a Cat Cafe before, we thought that sounded fun. And it was about a 45 min walk from the hostel (which I remembered was called Aoi Garden Home btw) so we thought great, we'll just wander that way and see what we see. And depending on what time it is we can use the cafe wifi to see what next to do.

Armed with our plan of action, we first decided to ramble and see what snackish thing we could find to eat while we walked.


Not chickens.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Thailand Day 11/Cambodia Day 4

Ah leaving Cambodia day.
This was sad, because when we came I was really feeling ambivalent about our choice to come here. But by the time we left I wished we had more time.

Some parting shots of our room at Gloria Angkor:


(love that mini fridge!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thailand Day 10/Cambodia Day 3 - Part Seven

Part the last!
I got super distracted, but I'm still determined to get all these photos up, for my own benefit at least.

After we left the lovely overgrown temple we had one last stop.
Okay no, actually we had two. We stopped at Sras Srang Complex, and it was basically the pretty uninteresting foundation of a temple, with a lake by it. I did take a picture, but it wasn't very picturesque. So moving on.
The last stop!
Phnom Bakeng.

It's built on top of a hill, there's three ways to go up. The elephant path, which starts slopey then has a series of switchbacks, the pedestrian path, which just goes around and around the hill until the top, and the "dangerous path" which goes straight up. That one is closed XD


We took the pedestrian path.