Thursday, September 26, 2013

Europe Day 19

This was chill day! In hindsight, I’d rather have swapped this day w/ Monday. But that was poor planning/research on my part, and general schedule constraints.
Anyway, since we fell asleep before we got the new Who episode, we watched it over breakfast. And that was very exciting! Watching Who *in* Europe! So it wasn’t live ON TV exciting, but it was still something :D
So Jey had to leave at one to catch a flight back to Dusseldorf, it had just worked out better for her that way because of lack of direct flights back to Ramstein. And we only had one key so… we just chilled in the apartment, and at one said our sad goodbyes and parted ways ;_;

After that, E & I went to the Great Market! Which was actually very close to Vaci street (I think I did mention, there was a lot of retracing our steps!).


Well it’s closed on Sundays...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Europe Day 18 part Two

So after visiting the Parliament building, we headed to that castle we’d seen on the way back from the bath house the day before.


While we were walking there we passed a restaurant called Sir Lancelot, which was themed and looked like fun, so we decided to have dinner there after the castle :D

It was sort of awesome we passed the restaurant at all, since we were just meandering from the one place to the other, and it’s on a pretty small, non-busy street.

The rest of the day!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Europe Day 18 part One

Saturday! After breakfast times we started the day by going to Vaci Street, which is basically a shopping street, but was recommended to us by Jey’s coworker. Also souvenir getting is generally a good thing.


We passed a cool, old looking church near there on our way to Elizabeth Bridge.

Lots of pics!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Europe Day 16 pt two & Day 17

Alright! So we took a train from Bratislava, Slovakia, to Budapest, Hungary.
We walked from the train station to the apartment we rented through airbnb and waited there for my sister, who had flown in the same day. So she met us in front, and we were buzzed in by the owner’s father, who was meeting us because the owner was out of town (hence renting the apartment!). The elevator… was broken. So with our backpacks (getting heavier by the day ;_;) we trekked up 7 flights. I started thinking about just abandoning my backpack and buying new things as I went… but we did make it! And of course, he showed us a working elevator (wish he’s told us that on the intercomm…).
So after getting everything sorted, we dumped the bags and went in search of a grocery store for breakfast things.


We passed this! My sewy heart went pitter patter. Closed for the night, I meant to go back but actually never did.

End day 16, bring on day 17!