Thursday, September 19, 2013

Europe Day 18 part One

Saturday! After breakfast times we started the day by going to Vaci Street, which is basically a shopping street, but was recommended to us by Jey’s coworker. Also souvenir getting is generally a good thing.


We passed a cool, old looking church near there on our way to Elizabeth Bridge.

Lots of pics!

It made me want to make medieval costumes! The statues look so elegant.


I don’t know when the actual statues were carved, but yay dates.


And to the bridge!


My sister wanted to go there. To “her” bridge. It’s a white suspension type bridge, and very sleek and modern looking, especially after the lion bridge of the day before.


You can just see this statue in the background of the bridge pic, I’m not sure what it was for as we never got over there, but it made me think of Lion King so… yeah.


It was a pretty grey day, very drizzly but not super wet-making.

And then, because we’re us, tea! I think we managed to have tea everywhere :D
This was also recommended to us by Jey’s coworker. She stayed at that hotel, or in one near to it, something like that. We quickly realized that her coworker had a much larger budget than us! But anyway, tea in fancy places is nice too :D


Love them tea bags!
We took the little honey jars with us 8D ‘cause they were so cuuuute.


The whole thing felt very posh. I felt sort of awkward being there in my casual travel clothes.

After a very satisfying tea, we headed to the Parliament building, which we had seen the day before across the river (actually, we ended up doing a LOT of back and forth things, since we hadn’t planned all that much 8D;;;)


On the way we took a picture with this guy, no clue who he was. But Jey looked him up 8D Imre Nagy, who was a communist prime minister in 1956. He was executed.


The actual building was partially under construction, so we couldn’t get that close, but it was still pretty to look at.


I loved these guys’ faces. I’m not sure who they are. But there’s a dude to the left on an elevated platform looking leaderly. And then three more people on the other side. Their faces weren’t as interesting.
Aaah, National Geographic tells me the dude in the center was Lajos Kossuth, the leader of Hungary’s 1848-49 War of Independence against Hapsburg rule.


This tells us we can’t enter >.>


We actually had to go aaaall the way around to see the part of the building not covered in scaffolding.


But it is a pretty building! If you click to my flickr I did a series of 180 pics from the shores of the Danube.


So we just took a bunch of pictures, until we felt silly about just standing in front of this building, and then we headed to the castle we’d seen while walking back from the bath house the night before.


Basically I want the picture, but then when it comes to it, I don’t know how to stand gracefully in front of a building.

And lots of pics, so I’ll stop there!

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