Friday, September 20, 2013

Europe Day 18 part Two

So after visiting the Parliament building, we headed to that castle we’d seen on the way back from the bath house the day before.


While we were walking there we passed a restaurant called Sir Lancelot, which was themed and looked like fun, so we decided to have dinner there after the castle :D

It was sort of awesome we passed the restaurant at all, since we were just meandering from the one place to the other, and it’s on a pretty small, non-busy street.

The rest of the day!


I’d never been to a themed restaurant! Wait no, I went to some Dinosaur Planet type restaurant in Florida, and it was fun.


Because of course.


If you can read the menu, it was pretty funny. Also there were a few Engrishy bits, so all in all very amusing.


We took our photos then because we thought it might be dark when we came back.


This was just a normal apartment building, but I really loved the look of the restoration. And how they do it in such a straight line!


It turned out, this cool looking old castle, was less than 100 years old. Originally, it was just cardboard, put up to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Magyar, and then they decided to make it a real castle.


It was super pretty though. Here’s the website for Vajdahunyad Castle, in case you’re curious!


The castle houses an Agricultural Museum, which I’m sure is very lovely, but we decided not to check it out, instead we wandered the grounds and took pictures. I think this is Count Sandor Karolyi, a famous Hungarian agriculturist.


We found the Bela Lugosi bust! :D


This is Anonymous, a medieval chronicler, I just thought his statue looked cool.

It was getting pretty late, and more we were getting hungry, so back to Sir Lancelot’s!


The menu!


We decide to order two plates between us, because each plate was a LOT of food.
This is the starter course, with goulash soup in the bread bowl. I didn’t reeeally understand those little cups, they called them “appetite drops,” and they were basically really strong alcohol that neither E nor I cared for, so Jey drank them both 8D


Keep in mind perspective, for my hand reference there, LOOK HOW MUCH FOOD. Basically just meat and potato pancake things.


Then dessert!
The right was some strange sticky bread pudding something that I really didn’t care for, and the left was some sort of sweet bread thing that I did! I didn’t note the names of either dishes though, sadly.


Then we walked back to the apartment, to start getting the new Doctor Who episode!
This hotel we passed every day had the neatest lamp holders.


They do a tea there, but we decided to pass on it.

End day 18!
The trip is half over! D:

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