Thursday, September 26, 2013

Europe Day 19

This was chill day! In hindsight, I’d rather have swapped this day w/ Monday. But that was poor planning/research on my part, and general schedule constraints.
Anyway, since we fell asleep before we got the new Who episode, we watched it over breakfast. And that was very exciting! Watching Who *in* Europe! So it wasn’t live ON TV exciting, but it was still something :D
So Jey had to leave at one to catch a flight back to Dusseldorf, it had just worked out better for her that way because of lack of direct flights back to Ramstein. And we only had one key so… we just chilled in the apartment, and at one said our sad goodbyes and parted ways ;_;

After that, E & I went to the Great Market! Which was actually very close to Vaci street (I think I did mention, there was a lot of retracing our steps!).


Well it’s closed on Sundays...

But we did find out that we’d really only done about half of Vaci Street. So we did the rest of that and got some souvenirs (tiny tiny ones ahaha), then decided to lunch at the same place we dined on our first day in Budapest since (surprise!) it was near by.


So I got another traditional dish, called a salty crepe, and I remember liking it but not what was in it.


Probably cheese. E got goulash, which was also good.

On our way to the restaurant we’d passed a side street with a market in it, so after eating we went back there and discovered…. the chimney cake:


I need to find out if there’s someplace local that does these.


They cook it right there!


I was so fascinated, I look lots of pics. Those bowls there are the different toppings you can get, I remember there was a weird one… like chili powder or something. No thanks. The rest were sweet though.


So they make the dough, and then just wrap it on there like a pro.


Roll it a bit…


Paint it with what I assume is butter…


Cook it over the coals… (it puffs a bit as it cooks)


Actually, because of being rolled on like that, it comes away easily in strips. I got cinnamon sugar, for those curious.

So then we decided to head to the Great Synagogue…. which closed 15 min before we got there (well, last admission anyway, which we hadn’t been aware of boo).


So we wandered the perimeter and took pics. This is the largest synagogue in Europe!


And so pretty!


Just look at that brickwork!


Even the window bars are ornate.


There was a courtyard you could sort of see in, I’m not 100% sure whether this is a cemetery, or a holocaust memorial, or both.


But it did have my two favourite Jewish holocaust memorial statues of all that I saw. As much as that sort of thing can have favourites. Each leaf of the tree has a victim’s name on it.


And this memorial, I really like how it morphs from “a people” to individuals (which I thiiink is what that one memorial in Berlin, the blocks, was also supposed to convey).

After that we headed back to the Parliament building and the Danube, to see the shoes on the Danube River
(which.. we could have seen the day before had we gone just about 100 feet further)


Another holocaust memorial, I think this one was maybe the most… poignant?



Militiamen took their victims to the river and made them remove their shoes, then shot them into the river so their bodies would be swept away.



I think they did such a good job with these shoes, each was very different.


After that we headed back to our apartment to tidy and pack, because we were leaving the next day ;_;

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