Friday, July 3, 2015

Thailand Day 11/Cambodia Day 4

Ah leaving Cambodia day.
This was sad, because when we came I was really feeling ambivalent about our choice to come here. But by the time we left I wished we had more time.

Some parting shots of our room at Gloria Angkor:


(love that mini fridge!)



We had to be at the airport at 10:30, so we went down and had breakfast there around 8 and the plan was to leave our bags and just wander with our last hourish, buuuuut they said they took card, and we had a limited amount of USD with us and had counted on paying by card. Well their machine was down. So instead E hung out at the hotel (probably sleeping! Pretty sure she's narcoleptic) and I walked to the ATM and back, probably a 30 min roundtrip walk (there were closer ATMs but this was the closest that took a foreign card).
So got that sorted and then relaxed in the lobby a bit, drinking their delicious iced tea they provide (I don't know what it is, it's very pale almost like water, and sweet), then off to the airport!



Oh whoops, I was calling it "Old Town" but it's "Old Market." I read that a lot of backpackers like to stay in that area because of the nightlife. I'm not much of a nightlife person, so we chose to stay a little out of the way and closer to the temples. But that food was so good, and much more accessible (not much around us) that I may stay in that area if I come back.


At the airport. I would have got this if we didn't still have a week ahead of us.


We actually took two flights, one from Siem Reap to Bangkok, then another to from there to Chiang Mai. This flight on Air Asia was to Bangkok.


Loading out on the asphalt! Really no big, but novel to me!


Bye tiny airport!


Walking walking.


Being a straggler.


Bye Cambodia, hello again Thailand!


Don Meuang Airport!


While we waited for our flight to Chiang Mai (which was at 2 if I remember correctly) I was peckish but not hungry. Then I saw this. What is iiiit?


I always like to see what McDonalds has in other countries, even if I don't eat there. It's just neat to see how they personalize it. But usually I do end up getting something, just to compare.


Terrible pic, but McDonalds mooncakes! Who knew?


So I got the little sundae thing.


Yup. Rice and corn... on icecream. You could personalize this, but I told the lady to do it just like the picture XD
The rice wasn't bad! Not sure how I feel about the corn though.


Nok Air gave us a little baggy with a snack and a drink, it was a little egg quiche type thing. Between that and the icecream, I was pretty set XD

So we got into Chiang Mai around 3, we got a cab to the hostel (like a real cab! Not a tuktuk!).
I can't remember the name of the hostel right now, when I do I'll let you know. I think I left a review already. But anyway, on hostelworld it's not clear at all what you're getting, they list what they offer BUT they don't offer all those rooms on hostelworld. So they say AC w/ TV and such, but in the tiny tiny print you see that on hostelworld you can *only* book the non-AC/fan rooms.
So it was confusing and it wasn't what we thought we were getting. But we were too tired to argue. It just really wasn't clear on the booking site :/
Anyway, some blurry pics of the room:



(that might actually be in the morning, 'cause clearly I at least flopped there).

After we settled in, and spoke with the people a little about our confusions, we took a walk to 7/11 to get big bottles of water. There were some vendors around the front and so we also bought some steamed buns, some were different than what I'd seen before but it looks like I neglected to take a picture.
We pretty much just wandered a little but mostly relaxed for the rest of the evening!

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