Monday, July 6, 2015

Thailand Day 12

So! Chiang Mai!
Between all the other planning, and our planned hiking tour, we decided to just leave some Chiang Mai days free to take it easy.
So the evening before, when we were just relaxing in our room, we looked up some things to do.
#2 on Tripadvisor at the time was a cat cafe called Catmosphere. Neither E nor I have been to a Cat Cafe before, we thought that sounded fun. And it was about a 45 min walk from the hostel (which I remembered was called Aoi Garden Home btw) so we thought great, we'll just wander that way and see what we see. And depending on what time it is we can use the cafe wifi to see what next to do.

Armed with our plan of action, we first decided to ramble and see what snackish thing we could find to eat while we walked.


Not chickens.


Random temple, no big thing.


It was called Wat Dubphai.


Then we passed this little stall of fruit! And you can just pick what fruits you want and they blend it right there and give it to you. They also have a list of suggested combinations. I don't remember what I got off the top of my head, just that it was yummy.


Passing through the gate that was around the original city.


Random little old temple just in the middle of things.


I want to say this fancy name really just means "West" or something like that.


Parts of the wall were in better repair than others.

Okay so the plan was to go to the cafe for a brunch type thing. Well. We went up and down the road it was supposed to be on, couldn't find it.
So we went inside a mall that was directly across from where it was supposed to be, asked various people, no one had heard of it.
We saw there was a Mister Donut (MY FAVOURITE) and that it had wifi, so we stopped there.


I wish we had Mister Donut in the US ;_;


I literally dream about this donut.



Omg so cute.

Well. The wifi wasn't for customers -_- And no where else in that mall was there wifi.
By this time we're proper hungry though, it must have been 1ish.


So we went to their foodcourt.


It was a whole floor of little booths of deliciousness.


I got some sort of fishy fried rice.


Then back out on the street to look some more.
I think this was my "IT SHOULD BE RIGHT HERE" shot.


Since they love foreigners we asked there about the Catmosphere. Nope, never heard of it.
We asked people on the street. We showed them the map, we showed them the address. No one had heard of it, but everyone said it should be right where we thought it should be.


We're thinking, does this place even exist? Maybe it closed?


So we go into another cafe, a fancy schmancy one, because it had wifi. And we look again. The latest review was from just the previous day!
Also, that cafe hadn't heard of it either.
We really wanted to find it, it was the principle of the thing at this point.


So we set out again.


And found public bathrooms.


I'm going to have to end with... we didn't find it. We went up and down that stupid road, and went into malls and went to all the floors and went every place we could think. Nope.
It was a sad long day. But we had fun looking at everything anyway.

Then we made our way back to the hostel and stopped at a little restaurant on the same street as the hostel.


I ordered Pad Thai and got that egg thing.


It was filled with noodles and delicious. I don't know what it was though, 'cause no where else did the Pad Thai look like that.


And a plate of delicious veggies!
That was a yummy meal.
Then we went back to the hostel to prepare for the hike the next day!

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