Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The India trip- Finally

I went to India... summer of 2009.
I'm determined to post about it before my next big trip (homg three weeks!).

So on the way to India we first had an hour or so layover in Seoul

It was pretty neat.
So you press that button there and the plastic wrap on the seat goes into the trash and the new one comes out.
Easily impressed here.

So from there we went to Singapore, where we had something like a 30 hour layover.
The weather! Was so amazing. Warm and humid.
I loved it.

The view from the hotel room.

So I woke up early, well 5, and read or took a shower or something for a bit, then my roommate woke up and we decided to go exploring~!

A terrible picture, but see that little white grasshopper?
So we ventured into this field because we wanted to get a closer look at this tree (next pic) and every step we took there was this spray, like when you walk through wet grass and the water sprays everywhere. On second look. Not water. A whole bunch of these little guys! (And they were tiny, obviously, since we mistook them for water).

She took another once I got there and was facing the camera, but I like this one better.

Green man.
Maybe I read too much mythology but I found this hilarious.

I don't know what this is, but it was neat looking.
The plants there were AMaaaaaazing. So green and layered and everywhere.

So around 8 or 9, the rest of the group woke up and we decided to go to Sentosa Island.
This sign was in the subway.

This was my lunch.
It said it was Malaysian... I don't really know what it was. But that sauce stuff the flag is stuck in was HOT. Like ow.

We did loge.

A pic from the Pin thing we did. I call it The Pin because that's what it's called at Great America, I don't know what these things are usually called... they take you up, circle around, come down. Rotating Elevator Observation deck?

Another sign from the subway. NO STINKY FRUIT.

That was Singapore, it was lovely and warm and green and humid.

I don't really know how to use blogspot :/;;

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