Monday, April 8, 2013

Europe Day Three - Part One & Day Four

Didn't take as many pictures these days, so I can squeeze it into one entry!

So after we went back and ate delicious cheese and bread and so on, aralias and I headed out again.

We went to the British Museum!

Tentacle pottery 8D


Loved this little guy.

And that concludes day three!
Only on the way back I saw Singing in the Rain was playing, soooo, when we got back, we got tickets :D

Day four!

This is a sign by aralias' place. Obviously it needed photographing.

Omgggg I love this jacket.

Streets, and bus, and cab, so you can tell it's London >.>

Lookit that weather! I had wonderful weather while I was there, really.

We went to the palace because....

It was in Doctor Who.
See my Doctor Who pose, that's how you know.

My host!
See how adorable?
If you joined Radio Sonic you could work with her.

We were headed to...

Singing in the Rain!
It was really good, looooved the last number, with all the raaaaain.

Concluding the day with the obligatory I'm-in-London shot!
Excepting that... I took it because it was in Who 8D

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