Friday, May 10, 2013

Europe Day Eight

I know I said I did day Eight already, but that day Eight was actually day Nine. I forgot Trier was befooore the military base.

Also I got a bit confused about which day I was waiting for the train. That's because I had to wait both days 8D The first day, when going to Kaiserslaturn, I had wandered about more and shops were open and I got to go *in* to many places. So this time, I remembered how the machine wouldn't take the 50 Euro notes so I popped over to the bank on the way to get change. Which took longer than I thought so I literally watched the train leave as I walked down to the station :/
So again, an hour to kill. Only this time no shops were open yet (and anyway, I'd been in them all) so I walked right out of Ramstien 8D

Couple shots in Ramstein, then Trier!


The scariest kindergarten sign ever D:

So after all the business of the bank and getting change... it accepted 50 Euro bills. Because this fare was much more (30ish instead of 5ish or whatever it was).
Anyway. Trier was about a two hour train ride, full of stunning green scenery which my camera wasn't speedy enough to capture, but I really enjoyed.
Originally I had wanted to take this day to go to Metz, France or Luxembourg (also 2 hours out and about the same price) but I hadn't wanted to pre-buy tickets in case Jey had a better suggestion or something else worked out. But then buying at the little machine said it was 230 Euros! No way! Jey couldn't figure it out either why it would do that. But Trier ended up being totally amazing.

So I've just realized that the pics I chose to resize and upload sometime last week are all of the same sort, sorry.

Anyway, off the train, first thing is to the tourism section!
Which was by a great big ornate gate. That I didn't upload a pic of. But it was all very exciting because I knew nothing about Trier, since I hadn't researched it or anything. And it turns out (dun dun DUN) it was Roman occupied/owned (surprised anyone?) which made my little heart gleeful as I love Roman architecture. So I got a little tourist map, and plotted a large circle around the city to culminate in a Roman bath so I could spend all my remaining time there.

It looks so fairy tale :D

The city wasn't as large as I thought it was.
So that large circle... ended up being more like a crazy zig zag of madness as I overshot nearly everything and kept having to go back. In the course of that, I did hit nearly everything on the tourist map even though I hadn't intended to. (Looked for the map I used just now, didn't see one)

Walked down a river which had super old windmills along it, crossed a bridge.

And crossed it again!

Great little door from... the Trier cathedral I think it was.

Anyway I walked everywhere and saw loads, but this was my fav!
The baths!

Lookit that brickwork!

And you could actually go underneath! To the servant's tunnels and everything was so marvelously preserved.

I spent hours there.
Loved every second of it.

Didn't seem to pre-select many other pictures so there may be a Trier part 2 later. But really it was loads of lovely scenery with the river, old buildings, and crumbling walls. Definitely the highlight was the bath.

Alright! Now I just have to keep this up.

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