Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thailand Day 10/Cambodia Day 2 - Part Three

Whoops, had this all typed up and forgot to click post.

From Bantaey Samre we just stopped at some small temples that were on the way back.
Usually I’m pretty good about taking pictures of the signs so I don’t forget the names of places but… I didn’t this time so I honestly have no idea what temples these were. I think part of it was I was still feeling under the weather, not drastically but enough to be pretty spacey.


Mostly from this place I remember those kids.


You can just make them out in the doorway of the structure on the right. They tried to sell us stickers or something and kept getting in my photos and posing.
I do know that in a lot of these countries it’s standard to send out cute kids to sell stuff to tourists, or beg money from tourists, I ran into it a lot in India. But thus far hadn’t run into much here, except the first place we went some kids followed us around demanding candy and money.
It’s very sad :/

Rest of the day after the break!


I’ll probably talk more about that stuff later, since we were in the major touristy parts the next day.


I remember sitting here a lot.


Mostly ‘cause I was really tired.


But makes a nice picture!


I just realized I have a fair amount of pictures to close out this day, so… I’ll just say something when there’s something worth saying!


I wish I DID have something to say for everything, but sadly I don’t understand the significance of the statues or temples and there weren’t many signs.


And I wish I knew why some of these were so clean looking. Were they just cleaned? Or are these copies? Or brand new?


Actually I do know some of these statues (not necessarily *here* but in general) were taken by explorers and sat in private collections/museums but have since been returned and reinstalled.



Parting shot of that temple.


I loved all the butterflies! There were loads, and all different kinds. Very pretty.


Our last temple of the day was another I missed getting the name of, but it required climbing.


I tried to take this pic to show the steps were almost to her knees, I'm not sure it conveys, but they were really high steps.


At the very top! Not that you can tell without context 8D


This is us on the level just below.


And this is the level below that, you can see a person on the ground to the left of E's umbrella.

Then back to the hotel, we were so tired we decided to eat at the hotel that night.



And then because we thought we'd be even *more* tired the next day and we were determined to try it, we went to the pool for a little bit before retiring.


It wasn't heated, but it's so warm that the water was very comfortable, even at night.

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