Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Europe Day 11

Okay! Determined to post all my Europe trip before it’s been a year.

So we bought these four ticket deal things, I can’t remember if I talked about that before, but it’s 4 tickets at a flat rate to be used on any 4 trips. So our thought with these was each day we’d walk where ever we were going, and then train back, which is what we did the previous day and would do this day. Anyway, we set out for the Brandenburg Gate:

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(approx, as you’ll see, we didn’t exactly go straight there)

Cupcakes! Lights! Memorials!

We detoured to a Burger King for a restroom.

And then we saw this cupcake shop, and well, we had to stop.

Jey’s on the left, caramel I think? And my mocha.


Check out that setup though, soooo cute. And we were really fortunate in timing to get a place to sit, so that was nice (tiny tiny cafe, like two itty tables inside, and this wicker loveseat we scored outside).

There was also a live big band in the square there, which we listened to for awhile.

This is... a dome. It was pretty.
Also, I think I didn’t get a particularly thrilling picture of the Brandenburg Gate, so I leave you to image search for that.

And lights!

Relics of the Berlin wall, when East/West even had to have different walk/don’t walk lights.

Quite near to there was the Holocaust memorial.

It’s sort of massive (looking at the map above, if you go down just two blocks you’ll see what almost looks like a barcode from above).

It’s these large concrete... blocks. We walked around the whole thing because Jey has been there before and remembered at one of the corners there was an explanation of its symbolism... we never found it, but here’s what I remember of what she remembers 8D

All these blocks, from up close look very similar, but are actually slightly different heights and angled a bit, and different. Supposed to be something like... individuality within a group?

There’s a museum at the end of it with histories, personal diary and letter snippets, photos, records. As expected, it’s very sad.

All that introspection worked up an appetite, so we headed to a place Jey had already sourced.

Because what better to eat when in Germany than British food?

We split a tea, so scones and the lot. The salad was super delicious, with pears and goat cheese.
It was a bit strange though, as the staffers were British and everyone in there was speaking English.

Saw those in a shop, wanted them, but didn’t buy them due to no space in my backpack.

We headed over to a large synagogue, but it was closed, being Saturday and all.

Pretty building though, check out those tiles.

So we wandered over to this square called Gendarmen-markt, which is a very large square with... five I think pretty buildings around it that are various museum type things. It was a bit late, maybe 6pm, so I don’t think we even checked to see if any of them were open, but I found out later (the next day ;_;) that Nefertiti’s bust was in one of those buildings. Aaaaugh HAD I KNOWN THEN.


Pretty buildings at least.

And then we trained back. End day Eleven!

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