Thursday, November 14, 2013

Europe Day 21 - Part One

I’ve been avoiding this post! Because we went a lot of places. It’s gotta be split up!

So! After we woke up in the morning, it didn’t smell so bad with the window open all night. But it was super cold :/
I took a super fast shower and off we went! During our post midnight jaunt to get *to* the hostel we’d passed a cafe, so we went there for breakfast. We just had to point at things ‘cause yeah, I don’t know any Italian. I mean, I could have tried my hand with Latin but… can’t think of a way to order orange juice like that 8D;; Actually, we did have orange juice! ‘Cause on the counter there was this thing… and they juice the oranges RIGHT THEN. IT WAS SO GOOD.


I don’t know if this is normal, but so if you wanted to sit and eat you had to pay extra (I don’t remember the charge, but it was more than just a few bucks. It was serious dedication to sitting XD) so we ate at the counter. And they give it to you, you eat/drink, and then when you leave if it wasn’t busy the cashier would know what you had, but if it was you had to tell them and pay there. I don’t remember which day it was busy, but the dude that served us was looking out for us and was able to tell the cashier. Which was good because the original dude who was at the counter, even though we were pointing and not being rude, he was not amused by stupid tourists. Ah well, only so far smiling can get you!

For some reason I thought the Spanish Steps were nearby, and they were sort of… just not as near as I thought. Rather, I thought it was this one thing, and it wasn't. Well, we headed off walking in that direction.


Basically, we passed things that were cool.




And then we did get to the Spanish Steps!
E is a huge fan of “Roman Holiday” so a lot of the places we went were because of that.


Lots of steps!


But don’t talk on the steps!



View from the top!
This is actually pretty zoomed in too. It was fairly high.


That’s my “I’m staring at the sun and it hurts” face. Obviously I’m more sensitive about that sort of thing than E.


From there, the top, we walked along until we got to something called Villa Medici. Which was basically a fancy building we didn’t enter.


Then we walked along a garden to get to “Piazzo del Popolo,” a fancy circular structure with an obelisk in the centre. (Rome=Fancy Stuff).


I thought these guys were pretty striking.


Even with all the drizzle it was really pretty.


So then we walked down yet more stairs, yay, to the circle thing.




And from there we walked across a bridge over the Fiume Tevere to the Vatican Museum.

I honestly had no idea the Vatican had so much STUFF, or was so huge! We were really just there for the Sistine Chapel, as you do. But WOW.

That’s a whole ‘nother post.

Roughly our walk so far:

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