Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Star Wars Exhibit!

Alright! Brief break from Europe so some more current happenings. Local travels! Nearish to me is the Tech Museum, which is a lot of fun and I recommend it in general, but they also have exhibit space for temporary exhibits or traveling exhibits and such. They had a nice Star Trek exhibit some years back, the traveling Body Works (or whatever it’s called) was there, and a wonderful DiVinci exhibit was there a few years back. Of course there’s been more, but those are the ones I’ve been to.

Anyway, on the 15th I went and checked out the Star Wars exhibit! It will be there until February 13th, 2014. So if you’re around San Jose before then, and like Star Wars, I recommend checking it out!


I took loads of pics, so clicking any of these will take you to my flickr gallery.

But here are some of my favourites


I loooove all the detail!
It was so neat to see up close :D


I tried to take a pic like the opening scene, but the angle with the lighting just wasn’t working out, so this is as close as I got.





They had two Millenium Falcons, a small one about a foot wide, and a much larger one, this one.


This large one was one of my favourite things there, I just couldn’t get over the weathering done to it and it was so much fun to just stare at.


And it was pointing at them!
Which was nice :D



Then I went back to the Falcon ‘cause ugh, so pretty ;_;


Model :D


This guy was made the the 1997 re-release with that added scene. He’s kinda a cutie 8D



Weathering :D I love it!


Kinda wanna be a sandperson now!






Texture! I love it!

Way too many pics 8D

So what I didn’t like: nowhere on any of the costumes does it say anything about whether they’re original. I would have just assumed they were all screen worn but when I got to Padme’s battle outfit, I knew it wasn’t because I made that outfit and am really familiar with it. I also wondered about Leia’s because it looks like a heavy knit and I remember reading/watching/whatever an interview where Fisher said the fabric was so thin she couldn’t wear proper undergarments and was being… supported with gaffer’s tape. But since it doesn’t actually say one way or the other on the info placket, I don’t know what’s original and what’s not.

Also naturally I would have liked to see WAY more costumes. It was, generally, smaller than I’d thought it would be. But there’s still plenty of neat stuff to see, so totally worth it if you’re a fan.

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