Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thailand Day 7 - Part One

Finally getting back to posting!
Now that I’ve got my cardreader again.

Anyway, tour day! We decided to do a tour, I don’t remember exactly why we settled on this tour, just that we had some misgivings about the ethics of the Tiger Temple and didn’t have enough time to really research it (plus what I did read was super polarized, and very emotionally charged, further muddying the waters), so I know that was a factor. We had breakfast at the hostel and then hung out until the tour came and picked us up.


All the flowers made me nostalgic for India!


I have no idea what this is for but it amused me!


This was on a streetlamp the bus just happened to stop in front of.

So we got to Kanchanaburi and then split up on our respective tours. They actually parked right outside Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, that was sad :/

We looked around a little then grabbed some fried bananas and loaded into a cab thing.


Mmm fried things.


I can’t remember if I talked about this in other posts, but anyway the cab was this covered open air seating area on the back of a pickup. We of course made many jokes about kicking people off.


And then to Erawan!


And its wonderful Engrish :D


Also I thought these were fun.

So this whole thing was a “Well, clearly did not research THAT enough” deal, though it was all fun!

Erawan would have been lovely to spend the whole day there, I had no idea it was so vast. It’s billed as “7 waterfalls” but when I looked up pics, what little I did, there was this one picture that showed a multi-level waterfall that was really very beautiful. I thought that whole thing was Erawan. But no! It’s 7 distinct waterfalls that you hike to.


Those numbers are the km between each waterfall, you can see the top waterfall a bit, that’s what I thought the whole thing was.


This is the first “step,” Hlaieunlung.


The water is incredibly clear!


Beyond the 7, there were all these other waterfalls inbetween, all striking in their own ways!


This is step 2, Wang Mut Cha.


This is nothing! I don’t know that Wang Mut Cha is that much more impressive? So I don’t know why they chose some over others as “official” waterfalls.


Some like this one were much smaller though.


The never ending path! I really hate stairs.


But the views made it totally worth it!


Step 4 was Oag Nang Pee Suar, and this is the best shot I got of it:


Because we naturally wanted to slide down the rock after seeing everyone else do it.
Again poorly researched, we should have brought swimsuits!


So I saw this leaf. What of it? Just a leaf right?


Just a GIANT leaf!


My Totoro moment.


Then we attempted the climb to Step 5, and again lots of little waterfalls on the way.


But alas, we didn’t make it before we had to turn around to go back to our bus/taxi/thing.

Back at the entrance we had yummy lunch before heading to our next destination!

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