Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thailand Day 7 - Part Two

The second half of our day tour!

From Erawan National Park we went to Wang Po elephant park.


Elephant riding time!


The elephant Jey and Mask got was the biggest elephant I have ever seen, ginormous.


Basically we took a path down to the river, which was a little nerve wracking ‘cause it was a steep incline.


The elephant splashed around a bit and then went back up and we did a little path. That’s these pics, where the trainer got off and he just walked beside the elephant, and took some pics for us.


Elephant riding is awkward, I really didn’t know where to put my feet.


Lots of beautiful green views though!


Mask looks like she’s so used to this.

So after the ride we had the option (back when we booked) of doing river rafting or elephant bathing. We thought hey river rafting sounds great, but we didn’t understand elephant “bathing.” Too bad, ‘cause we saw some other people do it and it looked like a lot of fun! Basically it’s splashing around in the water with the elephant, and yeah you can rub them down, which apparently they really like.

Anyway, river rafting.


We got on a bamboo raft and a motorboat towed us up the river. And then we just sort of… drifted back. Very peaceful but also… not what we thought.


But as always, can’t go wrong with the views!

After that we got back in our taxi and drove and met up with the rest of the people, who had split off in the beginning. Then an hour or an hour & a half of uncomfortable ride back ensued, as apparently that group had done their wet things earlier and… chose to sit in our seats. So now at the end of the day when they’re dry they sat in other seats. Thanks guys, that was fun.

They dropped us all of at Khaosan Road, where it was food time!


I discovered boiled cockles taste pretty different from grilled cockles and I’m not a fan. But garlic calamari is the best.


I miss all that delicious food!


This coconut icecream was made from coconut milk, instead of dairy, and it was amaaaaazing.


I’ll leave you with this 8D

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