Monday, February 9, 2015

Thailand Day 8

Day eight was a weird day. We all had breakfast together and then Mask left back to Malaysia (sad times!). I was feeling a little under the weather but thought I could tough it out. We went to Ratchadamri Market.


You pretty much get off at Silom station and it’s right there.


I tried to capture it but it’s really hard, you can barely see on the other side of that lake, that’s also the market. It pretty much wraps all the way around.


So much stuff!

It was actually really neat, but after… not that long I was just starting to feel really terrible.
Thankfully Jey tried on lots of clothes at this one stall and I was able to just sit there and people watch.

After some more walking though I really had to take a break, there aren’t many options for that there so I ended up going to a food stall and sat and picked at a small bowl of rice while Jey shopped and E ate and shopped.

But sometime around 1 we all headed back and I napped in the lobby before we transferred to a hotel closer to the airport.


For ease we ate at the hotel.


That place was all kinds of interesting! It seemed really nice but…
We were on the 4th floor w/ no elevator, normally not a problem but I was really struggling at that point. And then the hot water didn’t work and we called. The guy came and basically hit it >.> Then it seemed to work but two seconds after I stepped in it cut out and was freezing. Combined with my really bad chills I had by then, I was noooot a happy camper.


And then as we were rearranging our bags, THE BIGGEST COCKROACH EVER came out.
Someone came up and did track it down but UGH.
I still slept soundly, but only because I was so tired!
And that was our last night in Thailand, for the time being anyway!

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