Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thailand Day 9 - Actually Cambodia Day 1

We rose early and took the free shuttle to the airport and from there E & I parted ways with Jey. She got on a plane to head back and we went down to the free shuttle to take us to Don Mueang airport, a smaller local airport about an hour away.

I honestly don’t remember the particulars now, we had looked up “how to get to Don Mueang airport from Suvarnabhumi international airport” and found a good walkthrough, probably on tripadvisor. But it’s really easy, just outside the arrivals there’s a shuttle and a desk. You do have to show that you have a flight, so you have to have your boarding pass or receipt printed. Otherwise, people could just use it as a free shuttle.


We found something to eat at the airport, before going through security. I accidently got something super spicey >.< But I was still feeling quite out of it, so I only ate the rice anyway.
Then through security! Where I’d forgotten to take my tiny (teen tiny) exacto knife out of my carry on D: I tried to show the person the blade comes out and I’ll throw the blade away, ‘cause I loved that little knife thing. We used it to peel fruits, and it was a great thread cutter. But they made me toss the whole knife ;_; Still sad about that.


Off to Cambodia!



It was about an hour flight, maybe 1.5? I don’t rightly remember. Very short.
I’d read that you didn’t need a visa prior to entry, they would issue them there ($20). But we’re getting off the plane and everyone around us is pulling out passport sized pics. Definitely had a moment of panic. But it was fine, we had to pay $3 more for no photo, but they didn’t even take a new one or anything. So that was a little weird.
Also we just dropped our disembarkation papers in a basket if we had nothing to declare and walked right in.


A tuktuk from the hotel was there waiting for us, we stayed at Gloria Angkor. We chose it because of it’s proximity to Angkor Wat, but it was a little further from the airport than we’d realized. 20-30 min ride maybe?


This is the setup they greet you with as they check you in. The smaller glasses were some sort of light and sweet juice or tea.

After we were checked in we decided to explore the area and find an ATM. Because we tooootally missed that they mostly use USD here. And the Riel is basically worthless :/


We found something called Phsa Leu, a huuuuuge market.


So many bananas! I love it.

It had all this fruit out front, a meat market up the side, and then a very large warehouse inside.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted because everyone was staring. In a way that made me feel really self conscious and that maybe I should just go >.<


But it wasn’t so bad once we were inside.
You could get ANYTHING here. Cookware, beauty supplies, clothes, luggage, furniture, aaaanything and there was a section/booth for it.

… I bought some fabric.
I really wanted some of this lovely brocade to make a Regency dress with, but I was too tall to make the fabric work for me. I ended up with some lovely striped woven fabric I’ll likely make a blazer from later.


We didn’t eat here, but it amused me.
Instead we went back to the room and rested a little, not very long. Their free shuttles into downtown start at 6 and so the plan was to go there to eat and come back at a reasonable time ‘cause I was just exhausted.

So we told the plan to our driver, and he suggested eating at this one hotel because there’s a dance show. I was way too tired to really process, and I think E was too because we were both a bit “Durrrrr” on deciding, and I think it might have been a bit of a scam ‘cause it was quite expensive (for Cambodia) and we saw other people bring their own food and just watch the show.


It was buffet style so after we got our food and settled relatively close to the stage the show started.



I don’t really know anything about typical Cambodian dance, but it was fun.


Everyone was double jointed in their fingers XD


I certainly can’t do that.


This dance was my favourite but I couldn't get a good shot, it was pretty energetic and I was so tired I couldn’t focus anymore XD
But they did some sort of fishing dance, and then one the lads took the girl’s basket and they had a back and forth and she got mad and eventually he gave it back and they danced a bit.


In general the guy dances were much more interesting.


They were just more energetic in general.


The ladies were more about control and poise, they were very skilled I’m sure, but not as fun to watch.


Then it ended, it was maybe 1.5 hours?


Of course I had to sample the various sticky desserts before we could leave.


This is the place we were.
The driver picked us up and back to the hotel! Where we totally crashed.

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