Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thailand Day 10/Cambodia Day 3 - Part Three

When I remembered to, I took pictures of the signs so I’d know where we were!
This next temple was a complex called Angkor Thom.
Well, kind of. Prasat Bayon is actually in that complex. So this is the rest of it!


It looks big, but it wasn’t nearly as large as Angkor Wat!

More after the break


I took this with people on it to show how steep the steps were.


Steep as they were, this isn’t the steepest!


View from the top!


In this complex we walked from one temple to the next, there were these doorways or gates and I’m not quite clear on if they were always just free standing or if they were once attached to a larger structure.


Lots of rubble may suggest there was something larger?


I know it’s sad that these structures have fallen and all, but I really like the aesthetic of the moss covered rocks and free standing doorways.


It was so peaceful here! I really loved the walking in the shade between the temples, it was way more restful than jumping in the tuktuk and speeding to the next place.


More steps!


This is what a side without steps looks like.


The only way we could get the background in was an up the nose shot… sorry.


I really can’t get over how pretty everything was.  I think this was the Phimeanakas Temple.


I wonder how much of this was rebuilt, it looks like blocks will just fall right out.


All this moss made me think of Spirited Away, one of my favourite Ghibli films 8D


Sure made a great picture!


Another gate. I know the moss is bad for it and all, but I liked the mossy ones better.


I think this was part of a wall that used to surround the complex.


Loved these elephant trunks!
I couldn’t believe how disrespectful people were being though, person after person climbed behind the ropes and hung off the trunks.


It’d be a shame if a thoughtless tourist broke it ;_;


This was the last area of this complex, there was a barrier around the facade to protect it from the elements, creating a corridor we walked through to see all the fancy carvings.


At this point I’m starting to get tired, but there’s way more yet to go!

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