Friday, March 29, 2013

Europe Day Two Part One - Still Wales!

Early start!
Not really.
I think it was around 7-8.

This is why Riverhouse was extra cool...


It's included in your bed fee.

Also when I was leaving the white board by the door said free pizza that night, so it sounds like they just have random free food all the time.

Then I checked my luggage, they have a little locked room for that which is another reason I like them, and set off!

It was supposedly a short walk to my first location... well it would have been if I'd gone the right way.

I actually walked through a really pretty park which I think was used for something... oh yeah, here it is. I hadn't put that on my hitlist so all I had was a vague recollection that something had been shot here. It was a nice walk, but in the complete opposite direction from where I'd meant to go.

Turned around.
Walked along the river, there were loads of rowers which was neat to see.

A few turns later...

Bargoed street! Used in The Empty Child.

Also, obviously, I had my camera on some funky setting and didn't notice. So, bad pics, sorry sorry.

Then literally 5 minutes away is a lot of the locations for Father's Day.

The Parish of St. Paul's!

Just picture those time wraith things on the windows 8D

And the surrounding streets... where the TARDIS landed!


Then I walked around trying to recognize the corner Pete runs out to, with the car and all. But I didn't recognize it.
Oh and I walked through the playground little Micky played on, which has been totally revamped and unrecognizable really.

Then I was walking and saw a bus stop so looked at the map and saw one which would get me closer and waited. With my train ticket I'd bought this "Bus plus" thing, which is a day pass for the Cardiff bus system. A really good deal, it was only 1.30 lbs, so definitely worth it. I should have got one for the day before too but I hadn't thought of it when I bought that train ticket.

Basically when I got on I was a little confused and so talked to the bus driver, who was super nice and told me when to get off to be closest tooooo:


Doctor Who Experience :DDDDD

I already posted a link to the album of pics I uploaded but here's some more details and my favourites.


I can't even explain how super excited and giddy I was 8D

The thing opens at 10:00 and I got there around 9:45.

But eeee, so cool, they have display cases of stuff and and and



Aaaugh my little fannish heart.


River stuff! :D


Dalek eye stalk! :D
Goatish eye inside hot glue and somehow so scary.

Theeeen, it opened!
Got my ticket then got in line, they only let 40 people through at a time, and a lot of people had pre-bought their tickets.

But I had a good conversation about Pertwee with an older gentleman behind me (who didn't get all this newfangled nonsense) and mentally went "lalala" as one of the staff members told another about all the latest spoilers and her theories on them. Which was actually really cute, to see the people who work there so excited about it :D

So they usher you into this little room with some benches and a movie shows which is basically a summary of New Who and why The Doctor is awesome and then at the end it shows the crack in time, which then rotates... AND THE SCREEN OPENS LIKE THE CRACK OMG.

Then the next room!
Which was filled with awesome doodads and I really wish I could have taken pictures. There's an info node, like from Silence in the Library, and then they project a face on it and it's a museum and talked to us about the STUFF. There was a Smiler, the telescope from Tooth and Claw, Liz 10's mask, some of Van Gough's paintings, aaaah it was just really full and I wanted to see everything but the story went on and so we were ushered elsewhere. The story being... The Doctor (11) blinks on to a screen calling for Rory and Amy, 'cause he's stuck in the backup Pandorica 8D But too much interference of course so instead of Rory and Amy he got us... shoppers. Then he says well the sonic must have zeroed in on us because the TARDIS must be nearby.



(via lighting and a screen of course).

So we go in.


Just a pause for a moment while we think of that.... 40 people filing into the TARDIS.




Replica 11th Doctor TARDIS console! So coooooool. I wanted to touch.

Then the Doctor has us pilot the TARDIS, but says the younger you are the better, of course. So there's all these little kids around it and this open space in front of me... and no kids around me. So I'm like, okay, I'm gonna do it, there's no more kids! And the dude next to me with his like 1.5 year old who doesn't even care goes up and has her pilot.

Well she wasn't a very good pilot -_-


We exit the TARDIS, via the backdoor the Doctor has the TARDIS create because the front door is jammed, and we're on a Dalek spaceship. Lots of smoke and such.
I don't really remember why they captured a bunch of shoppers.
The Doctor shows up on the screen and tries to negotiate for us, but then the other Daleks, the Crucible Daleks show up and start firing on our Daleks because they're unpure etc, lots more smoke. Aand then!


Actually we didn't get to run, just walk very fast, but.


Some timey whimey explanation which I don't remember and probably didn't make and sense for why after we not really run we end up in a forest... a dark forest. And flashes of light show, yessss, the angels. Weeping. Angels.

After we maneuvered through that we're handed 3D glasses and it's another little theatre thing where the Doctor explains he's escaped the Pandorica II and he does some timey whimey stuff and the Angels all fall through the crack or the vortex or something like that.

And after this is the Exhibition.


Where there is Lots of Cool Stuff (my flikr album)


And that was The Doctor Who Experience.

I wanna go again 8D

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