Saturday, March 30, 2013

Europe Day Two part two - The end of Wales!

Alright, let's do this!

Also, if someone would like to remind me to poooost. I keep meaning to. And then I don't. So, poking would actually be appreciated.

So I left the Doctor Who Experience with a heavy heart, I pretty much wanted to live there. Or at least go through the interactive part again (which you can't). The gift shop was only okay, it was pretty much the same Who stuff you can get anywhere. I was really hoping for something special. Also I wanted a TARDIS air freshener for my car. Boo.

I don't actually remember whether I hopped a bus or if I walked (which is more reason I really need to actually post), probably bus since I had a pass. Anyway, headed to Mermaid Quay for some more Who locations.

The last of exploring Cardiff...

The first thing I did was walk along the bay, directly toooo:

It looked so crazy @.@


I feel like if they're gonna put this plaque, they should have plaques for the Doctor like... everywhere.

All that stuuuuuff.
It sort of made me feel like I should give Torchwood another chance.
I don't hate it, I just don't remember much of it because it didn't make an impression on me.
Obviously though, it is well loved.

Anyway. I'd actually thought there was something behind that grate, not the entrance to Torchwood but you know, more dock at least. But actually it's just water. There's nothing at all. TV magic.

On my way to a late lunch I passed various restaurant locations:

That's where Jack, Rose, Mickey, and the Doctor have breakfast in Boomtown.

I also passed where Margaret and the Doctor have dinner in Boomtown but it was busy and not picturesque (not that I didn't take one, but it's not worth posting).

Lunch time!

I was actually really hungry ;_;

I went to Eddie's Diner! As featured in The Impossible Astronaut 8D

They have that posted on the fridge, you can see it when you order!

I got an "American" cob salad or something like that. Which tasted not at all American, mostly due to their bacon which is reeeeally different (also extremely salty in this case).

So that was fun.

Basically just wandered the area a bit.

Was amused by this sunglasses store 8D

Of course I had to go here.

Here I felt the most like I should have brought a costume 8D
But really wandering around in costume alone wouldn't have been fun anyway.

I misread my pocket watch or hadn't set it to the right time so thought I had an hour less than I did. I had really wanted to hit either the place they filmed Human Nature or Amy's hometown. The Human Nature place is actually like a little historical village and sounded like fun even without the references. Amy's hometown area had been used for a lot of things, and near it was the intersection where Donna turns left, so I thought that would have been really neat too. But they both required bus rides so I was trying to decide which to do and had pretty much decided on Human Nature wheeen I misread my watch. Which made me think I shouldn't leave Cardiff Central area.

So instead I went to Cardiff Castle.

I love castley things :D

The keeeep, exciting right?

Inside the keep!
Love the old stairs.

From on top of the tower!

Then I walked these corridors that go almost around the entire property, they were used as a bomb shelter in WWII and were actually really interesting.


I'd read somewhere they used these corridors in... The Rebel Flesh I think.
Obviously needed that shot there.

They had some falconry peoples doing exhibitions on the lawn area. It was neat :D

Owl <3 br="">

That's actually taken reeeally near to where the corridor pics were taken, just here I'm on top of the wall 8D

And then I toured the mansion and left the castle.

My last 40 minutes I killed time at

The National Museum of Wales.

It was so nice to just be able to wander into a wonderful museum and not pay ;_;

Then my alarm went off and I went back to Riverhouse for my bag.

Bye Riverhouse!

Then back to Cardiff Central Station.

Had a great chat with an older man sitting in my seat about Doctor Who, history, travel, politics, farming, Young Kids These Days, and culture, among other things.

Then to Paddington Station!

Where aralias met me!

I was a little discombobulated becaaaause, I had no idea what she looked like 8D
She posted a picture once, but it was in the middle of a baking post and so naturally I was too busy drooling over the baked goods than looking at her face. Though I really should have gone back and checked before leaving the states...

But all was well!
With the aid of mobile phones she found me :D

It was all very exciting, being at Paddington Station and meeting someone awesome in person for the first time.

So it was a very good end to the day :D

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