Sunday, February 2, 2014

Europe Day 30 - Part Five

So remember that abbey seen in the background of the countryside pic taken from the cathedral?


Yeah that one, from slightly closer. Well, from when I first saw it, I was like “WHAT IS THAT! EXPLORING!” so after we left the cathedral proper, we climbed around the walls (all the rock outcroppings  that make it The Rock of Cashel are great for climbing about) and headed on down.

Hore Abbey!


That’s that one lightning struck cross, from the other side of the wall.


I had the thought to take pictures of the abbey as we got closer and closer, but in reality it’s not very exciting.

How about them cows though?


And finally we arrive! It was a bit of a trek, which you can see in a later photo.


I love the mossy rock look 8D


I think here I’m standing in the Nave, I don’t really know what that is/means. But anyway, looking back at the cathedral, you can see the trees to the right? And you can just make out a dark line, which is a wall that runs along side a paved path. That… is not how we walked down. We took some sort of weird zigzaggy rabbit trail straight down the middle 8D


I believe this is taken from the exact same spot, turned in the opposite direction, facing the Choir.


This might be the Refectory.


I give up. I’m sitting on a wall.


Then E did. She super pops against the limestone!


And then I decided to go climbing! And E took a picture of my butt. Thanks.


So I took one of her butt.


For scale~


I did get through that doorway, and a little out onto that floor/hallway, but I wasn’t able to get any higher (I do think I might have managed a bit higher if we had more time, but ah well),


After I climbed down, E retraced my steps. She’s stronger than I, but my legs & reach are longer, so when it comes to monkeying about it’s just sort of interesting to see how we manage.


I wanted to climb around there too! But there wasn’t enough time.


That’s as high as she got too.


I thought given enough time we could have found a way to scurry right over this roof 8D


Overgrown graveyard.


Parting shot of the abbey, with the cathedral in the background! We walked back to the parking lot, which is on the far side of the cathedral, and continued on to our (final! ;_;) B&B.

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