Thursday, February 27, 2014

Europe Day 34 - Part One

Another multi-parter, sorry. Not really.
Anyway, the plans for Bath were made before it was fully realized how not-very-mobile my gramma is. Also she thinks she can do more than she can, until she goes to do it.
So, in general, Bath is a very walkable city. Not so much for her! So plans ended up changing.

Anyway, so, first stop was The Museum of Costume, which is also the Assembly Rooms.

You can see here, it’s really not that long of a walk. However, it’s all uphill, and cobblestones, and my gramma had some problems with it. So we were so thankful when we got there, that they were able to provide a wheelchair!

I took quite a few pictures, though not as many as I thought I did. The lighting indoors was very dim, to preserve the fabrics I’m sure. That, combined with the glass of the display cases and my none-too-steady hands, resulted in some shoddy pictures, alas. I still uploaded most of them to my flickr, but I’ll just post my favourites here.

Historical dress, hurrah!


This is the oldest dress in their collection, from around 1660. It’s silk woven with silver threads. The picture by no means does it justice, it’s quite striking!


Interesting collection of 17th Century shoes.


E playing around with the dress up section.


Interesting collection of 20-30s wear.


A 60s dress I quite fancied.


Look at those seam lines!


Close up on the bodice section of a teens dress.


Close up on the bodice of a 2011 Alexander McQueen dress. Gorgeous.

Then we were in the Regency room!
I’ll… split this here. Since Regency is my love.

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