Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Europe Day 31


Cradog! Our next, and final B&B.

I don’t have pics right now it seems, but the scenery was quite different from the previous B&B, now it was all soft rolling hills and fields.

Kilkenny Castle!

So I forgot to mention, at the end of the previous day, we came and checked into Cradog and then we went out to eat at the nearest little… town type thing.

You can see, it’s not exactly near anything!

Anyway, we just sort of drove and ended up at a Chinese restaurant! Because we were curious. I have no pics of that. The whole point of going back the previous night is this:


When we came back from our dinner, she had pie and tea waiting for us!
Which is why we chose this place, because all the reviews RAVED about her home baking. And what an awesome way to end the day right?


Right so in the morning there was FRUIT, I missed fruit. And wonderful homemade muffins and brown bread ;_; So good.


And then we set out to Kilkenny castle.


So, again no pictures inside. And my memory is not so great, and I honestly remember NOTHING that was inside this castle. I would think that’s due to castle overload at this point, but I remember Muckross House pretty well, so I’m inclined to think it just wasn’t as memorable as other things. So if you have to choose between Muckross House and Kilkenny Castle, go to Muckross!


It’s a very beautiful location, and it looks rather grand.


But if I didn’t have these pictures, I wouldn’t even remember that we went there.
Possibly I was tired this day, I don’t know.


Also it could be that it wasn’t very handicap friendly, so we rushed through it so my gramma wouldn’t have to wait so long.


But I do remember after we went through, we stopped here, in the kitchens, which was now a cafe.


And it was very cute looking and set up so nicely.


And my soup was yummy. Also the waitress was super nice and we spent some time going through her cash register to look at all the 1 euro coins, because the backs of them are different depending on where they’re from.


I’m pretty sure I took this from the bathroom window!


Then we left the castle and went across the street for some touristy things, and a garden.


Possibly this is actually still part of the castle… maybe the garden was in the castle grounds…


Obviously very memorable XD


But check out those rose hips! Weird.


Really though, we did go across the street, to Kilkenny Design Center, which was an artsy store featuring lots of small shops and local artists. And we talked to a goldsmith and a silversmith, and they were very charming and fun to watch.


Then we went shopping and got gramma a duffle bag ‘cause, surprise! Still no luggage. I also got some trousers I’d fancied at the first Penney’s we went in, but they hadn’t had my size there.

By this time were were hungry, so we just looked about and found a promising looking pub.


I recommend them, it’s a fun old ramshackle building with live music most nights, and the food was good!
And when we got back to the B&B? TEA AND PIE. AGAIN. Loved it.

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