Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Europe Day 14 - Part Three, and Day 15


The stunning view upon exiting the dungeon!

Since we’d bought tickets to that concert so now had timing to think about, we skipped the Old Royal Palace (which I think was the most modern building on the premise, and actually was still in use as a government building) and went to have tea!



What a view!


We took the train back, I called this the Dalek station.


This time we went to Dobra Cajovna. Excellent tea! We both bought some loose leaf after (which sadly, they don’t sell the kind we had online ;_:).


They are big fans of loose leaf


First batch!
We sat on their patio, the shop itself is at the end of an alley, so it’s this nice little enclosed haven.


Second & third batch!

We really liked it there 8D

Then off the Mucha Museum!
So on top of that lack-of-researching-Prague thing, I somehow totally failed to realize Mucha was Czech (his first name, Alphonse, always sounded Spanish to me... so idk, I never really thought about it). Then on that first afternoon of wandering, there were all these Mucha postcards and such and I was like “Oh...” so we found out where the museum was and the hours then.

Anway, his artwork is HUGE. I had no idea! You could easily spend hours there just looking. It was a very nice museum, and the basically I wanted every thing in the gift shop (though as usual, everything was grossly overpriced so in the end I settled on a large book of prints). Then we did a bit more tourist gift shopping and headed back to the basilica for the concert :D

It was pretty awesome! Seven musicians, four on violin, two on cello, and one on keyboard. The acoustics were amazing for it!

For dinner we went to Rumika, it was near the hostel and recommended by them as traditional Czech food.


We ordered Czech beer, in their small size, and the waiter brought out these HUGE glasses and we were both like “Whoa cannot handle” and sent them back to the size we ordered, and the poor guy just couldn’t comprehend why we would want less beer.

For our meal we ordered a traditional Czech meal suitable for two people.


I thought I had a size reference pic, but I guess not. You can kind of see with the salt shakers down at the end. We literally ate this as breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day. And breakfast the day after. AND
threw some out.

Anyway, my favourite thing was the white disc things, I don’t know what they were... some sort of dense potato pancake? But yummy!

Then back to the hostel for our last night in that lovely garret ;_;

The next day, after a lovely Leftovers breakfast, we headed back to the train station & the adjoining bus depot. We thought a bus might be fun, and it was way cheaper while only being something like 30 min longer.


Spent almost my last bit of local money buying candy.

We missed the bus. Not ‘cause we weren’t there, but because we waited at the wrong dock. I’m not sure what made us think that number but, obviously nothing to be done. The next bus would be in... 6 hours. So we bought tickets for that and then used the last bits of our change to buy a train ticket back to Dobra Tea. We even stopped on the way and changed just a few euros, so we could get back to the bus depot.


We settled on Dobra because we had our bags and didn’t want to be lugging them around, they took credit card, and it was SO GOOD.


I ate this little candy/cookie thing I bought, it had a wafer texture and cream filling. Best hippo ever!


So after drinking massive amounts of tea we went back to the bus depot and did get on the bus.


Yeah not doing that again. Well, maybe if we’d been able to sit next to each other, but we weren’t able to. It was too bumpy to write, and reading made me sick, so I just kind of looked out the windows when I could stomach it.



They had a TV system going, which was just news in Not English until about halfway through the trip, then it was Friends. I’d never seen Friends before, and for lack of anything better to do, I watched it but... sometimes a bump or something would turn it off, and instead of just turning it back on whoever was in charge would just start another episode, and it wouldn’t even be the next episode. Not that it takes much to keep up with that show! But yes. Interesting.


We arrived in Slovakia too late to really do anything (good thing we had leftovers to eat! 8D), checked in, and sleep~!

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