Friday, March 14, 2014

Europe Day 35 - Part Final!

The last part of the last day in Europe!
What a trip!
I’m in the beginning stages of plotting my next trip, but I have to wait to see how some Life Things pan out before planning in earnest.

Anyway, finishing up at the British Museum :D


When I took this, I thought I might use it as a desktop background.
It’s a close up on a gold cloak.

The LAST batch of photos!


This is the full cloak thing. I can’t imagine it would have been very comfortable. But it was found on a skeleton, so perhaps it was never actually worn. 1900-1600 BC, Wales.


This is a ceremonial dirk, basically a status symbol because bronze in such large quantities was hard to come by.


Aw what a cutie, I’d like that as a tea pot please.


Brooch, it was cast as a single piece, which I’m assuming is very impressive, but I just liked the shape of it.


Bronze shield.


A close up on the same shield.
Kind of makes me want to take up metal work.


Fancy torcs from 75 BC.


Nero! This is very similar to a statue on the grounds of the Rosicrucian Museum,  a really awesome Egyptian museum near me. So actually I took this to compare it, but I keep forgetting.


I didn’t take a pic of this label. So all I know is it’s a pretty thing. See how pretty?


Bust of Mercury.
I like his face.


Etruscan style gold diadem.

Then I went to go meet E at the Rosetta Stone~


And we were awkward tourists.


Then we went shopping~!
At the gift store.
There was a lovely silk scarf that was screen printed with the Rosetta Stone… and cost a fortune D:
I did get this lovely bag, but the faux leather handles are peeling and I need to… glue it or something.


I do really like the building itself of the museum…


We did some more dorky tourist photos outside.


MY LAST PICTURE IN EUROPE ;_______________;

We hopped back on the train, and then I suppose we took the bus back… I really don’t remember at that point.
We had dinner at the hotel, and I remember the food was good but the service was terrible. Actually, just this one waiter… he kept forgetting about people (including us) and then being all “It’s so busy, I’m a victim!” like, instead of actually, you know, apologizing.
But anyway.
I don’t recall what we did for breakfast. It’s possible we waited and ate at the airport. There was a shuttle service to the airport and I think we left fairly early.
Then that was that!

At the airport I went to return my oyster card, because I thought I had a fairly large balance, forgetting I used a fair amount when we came back to pick up my gramma before Ireland. The info lady told me the place to exchange it was very close as well, or else I’m not sure I would have bothered. Well, it wasn’t very close, but as I went along I figured no big deal, we made really good time and our flight wasn’t for a bit. But 20 min later, when I came back, because my gramma gets assistance w/ a wheelchair… the attendant was quite cross at having been made to wait, even though E told them we didn’t need an attendant until I got back, etc. I think she was just generally cross…
Anyway, then we zoomed through security, because of wheelchair lady, and probably somewhere in there is where we ate. And then, even though we’d purchased the tickets separately, due to us all arriving at different times, they changed seats around so we could all be together as “assistance” to gramma.

… not that it really mattered, as both E and gramma slept pretty much the whole flight (I don’t even know how, it was morning still!).

And we flew back!
When we got to SFO we talked again to the baggage people.
Happy to report the MIA luggage was eventually delivered to my gramma, and they did reimburse her everything she had to buy, but we never found out what really happened to it in the first place.


This was taken in ‘Murica the day I got back, the one on the left is from the British Museum, and the one on the right is from the Bath Costume Museum :D


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