Thursday, March 6, 2014

Europe Day 35 - Part One

Last full day in Europe ;_;

We left our hotel in Bath in the morning, though here are some pics from the window:


Onto London!


It was a nice view! And I’d really like to go back. But not to that hotel.


You could see this castle far away in the hills, it all looks a bit fairy to me.

So we took a cab to the train station, and from there went to Reading and from there… took a bus? Yes, a prepaid bus. To the hotel. I don’t recall the hotel I got, I’ll try to remember because I liked it. It was an airport hotel, near to Heathrow. My gramma was just completely tuckered out at this point, and decided to spend the last day in the hotel.

So E & I took a bus to the subway station and went into town. There was some bus confusion, but we did ultimately get there 8D I gave E directions to the British Museum, and a time I would meet her there, and went to meet with Katy for lunch ♥


We went to this sammich shop where the theme was chocolate. Yes please. Well, cocoa. So I got this cocoa pesto sauce. It was delicious~
Then we parted ways for real ;_;

And I went to the British Museum where I’d be meeting E when it closed. I tried to go to different places than before, it’s so massive it wasn’t hard.


Thalia, muse of comedy.


Gold coins of coolness.


The King’s Pavement, from Henry III’s private chapel.


The top of a Bishop’s staff, quite fancy.


These were fashionable between lovers in 1400-1500, I really like how delicate they are.


Tristram & Isolde casket, from 1180-1200.


Just one panel of a door, I want doors like this.


More panels! They’re from the Church of the Virgin al-Mu’allaqa in Old Cairo, 1300.


Chess pieces! From walrus ivory.


I think their eyes are creepy ;_;


This set is from 1150-1200.


When found, some of these were stained red. But you can’t really tell.


I thought I read something about this being the oldest known chess set, but I took pictures of the labels of note and don’t see anything.

Ah well.

To be continued!

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