Monday, October 6, 2014

Thailand Day 3

This day all fits in one post, picture wise.

The day started out really meh, but glossing over that 8D We got a taxi to the train station (which took awhile, because they kept not wanting to do meter for us), and then train to the bus station.
Once there Jey had a blog post which had laid out the process (I don’t remember the name of the blog D:), but we weren’t sure which bus it meant and so went across the street for wi-fi at a cafe.


My coconut yumminess.


I also got coconut pancakes 8D
Enjoying all the coconut I can get!

Then back across the street and bus!


Back of the bus XD


Here’s some a snack I got for the trip, it’s buttered toast flavoured XD We’d gone to the grocery store the night before for snack purposes.

Actually I liked it, but it turned out to be a bad idea to eat on the bus, which I should have known. Sweets sometimes activate or aggravate my motion sickness :/


Some pics from the road!


It was a three hour drive almost exactly. By the time we got there though I was at the “another 10 minutes and I’m going to vomit” stage. So my pics were a little limited!


When we got off the bus, we literally walked across the street to the pier and there was a ferry to the island.
Our hotel actually had a free ferry, but we didn’t know where it was. Also I totally misunderstood, I thought Rayong was the name of the seaside town, and that Banphe was the name of the pier. But Rayong is the big city nearest, and Banphe was the name of the seaside town, and there were multiple piers all over.


The area around the pier was FULL of jellyfish! I wish I could have taken a picture, but I was feeling so sick I couldn’t really hold my camera steady. E took some pics, so I may add those later. This pic is further out, when I was feeling better. I think it was about 20 minutes to the island!

Once there we had to get a taxi to the hotel.
And by taxi I mean pickup truck we sat in the back of.
There were moments I thought we’d be thrown from the car and die. I kept thinking “Well… my insurance covers emergencies overseas at least…”

But we got there!


Our room at Samed Club!


Complete with creepy wall art 8D


And a window right into the bathroom!
Those blinds closed though, which is really good or else we’d have a view right to anyone using the toilet.


Chilling on the balcony~


There was a nice bench there and a rack for towels/swimsuits.


And a cute little toad chilling out.


Then we decided to dig into to some other snacks we’d got!
Mangosteen (purple) and rambutan (red).


This is what mangosteen looks like on the inside!
It’s very squishy and sweet, I can’t think of anything that compares, either texture wise or taste wise.


We chilled out in the room for awhile because those were the stairs we had to go up and down!
So the dining area and some rooms were right on the beach, then there’s a road, and then all these little huts going up the hill. We were, of course, at the top. It actually wasn’t that bad later, but with the packs it was uuuugh.

So we thought we’d just walk back to the pier area and explore as we went, plus now we were properly hungry.


Motorcycles, the preferred method of transportation!


There was a place not far from us where you could rent some for like… $10 a day, and you don’t have to have a motorcycle license (some places not even a drivers license!). I was tempted, but resisted.

We got into the main drag around 5 and thought surely, food will be had. But actually we had to keep going and wandering because nothing was open yet!

But then we found a place! Banana something.
We were their 1st customers, so it took them awhile to get started and such, so by the time we got our food we were super hungry.




I wish I could eat this right now ;_;

Except I really didn’t know before this that you’re not supposed to eat lemon grass >.> So I was like chewing on some in my coconut soup I got thinking it was really undercooked or something...  


When we left everything was open and happening! We wanted to eat more, in the “I just want to taste everything” sense, but we were too full and just walked back.


On the way back we saw thiiiis.
What’s so special about a snail you may ask, WELL:


My sister btw, has size 11 feet!

When we got back we were all feeling a little rejuvenated, and curious about the water so we changed and went down to the beach and pretty much waded around and looked at shells and such in the super clear water. No swimming ‘cause it was so dark though. And pics didn’t really turn out ;_;


This was the best one XD

After about an hour of just enjoying the water we trekked back up to our room.


This was taken while I was in bed! It amused me.

And that was the end of day three!

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