Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thailand Day 6 - Part One

Leisurely starts to the day are the best!

We did some internet searching in the morning, or the night before I can’t remember, to figure out our path for the day. Then after breakfast we took the train one stop over to where it connects with the river bus (I LOVE the river bus by the way).


To the Grand Palace!


We had breakfast at the hostel before heading out.
I have no idea what those sausage looking things were, but I did not finish them @.@ They were very sweet and… smooth? feeling. No thanks.

So after we got off the boat, the area immediately surrounding the pier is full of food.


This is… THE BEST.
It’s called Roti, we got the banana kind. It’s sort of like a fried crepe, drizzled with condensed milk.
It is seriously amazing.


I also got some delicious coconut :D
And this is why I said note the hair a few posts back! The ocean water totally stripped the colour! I actually really liked the new minty colour, but yes.


All sorts of goodies.

So then we walked around to the entrance to the Grand Palace, and someone tried to tell us it was closed for lunch why didn’t we go somewhere else also very nice.
But now we were wise to the scam ways, and proceeded on.


Being also a temple, there was a dress code again.
Mas was wearing leggings and a tank top D:
But here they let you rent the over garment, and you get your money back when you return it.


So Mas rented that attractive salmon shirt, and tied a scarf around her waist as a skirt.


Look how many people!
When we got up to the ticket booth though, it was on the spendy side and Mas decided to just wait for us, because she’d gone before (back before they raised their prices it seems!). If I remember correctly it was 500 baht, which is about 16-17 USD.


Hokay then, guess we know which way to go!


Inside the complex the walls were painted all the way around. We ended up taking a free tour later, and the guide said this is the longest mural in the world, telling the story of Rama.


This is Rama leading an army.


The story as I understand it, is that a demon king (help me out here wikipedia… ah! Ravana is his name) fell in love with Rama’s wife Sita who was beyond beautiful.
Ravana kidnapped Sita and the rest of the story is Rama fighting to get her back.


I think this is Rama?


And I think the white figure is Sita at Ravana’s palace and Ravana is trying unsuccessfully to woo her.


Rama enlisted the help of the Monkey King Sugriva, who is a shape changer and here turned himself into a bridge to help the army get across.


I think this is Rama battling Ravana, and Sugriva flying in to aid him.


Out of order probably, this is Ravana stealing Sita.


I don’t know their names, they’re half bird deities and I just like the way they look.


Again, I don’t know what this is but doesn’t it look neat?


Half lion deities.


You can see the mural in the background, I’m standing between Ravana and Sugriva.

Many more pictures to come!

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