Friday, October 17, 2014

Thailand Day 4

Had some hiccups there, but continuing on!
This is sort of a weird day in thaaaat we went snorkeling for most of the day and I don't have an underwater camera.

Anyway, we walked to a neighboring hotel who had an agreement with a snorkeling tour, booked that, and then hung out on the beach at our hotel. The day started out really overcast, so I have.. one photo:


Anyway, so:


Zooming away!

We went with a tour service called Shair Buay, which was 600 baht per person, roughly 20 USD!
For about four-five hours of fun~!


You know how I said it was overcast? Check out that rain on the mainland! We could see that as we zoomed away.


Also, note the hair.


We were the first group they picked up, and the other groups were on the other side of the island so for a good 10-15 minutes I was hoping we'd be alone! Alas. Anyway, I was checking out the fruit, because lunch was included!


Our first stop was to be honest, the best stop. And the place we stayed the longest.


I don't remember the name of the island, I took a picture of the sign though, so if you can read Thai it's over in my flickr album. But we called it bunny island. LOADS of wild bunnies.


But enough about bunnies, we have those in CA, LOOK AT THAT WATER.


Seriously, WATER.
We have nothing like that here!

And speaking of the water. It was my first time snorkeling, and my first time in warm ocean water, and aaaah I loved it. I was in the water as much as possible!
There were aaaall sorts of fish, and so close! And further out sea slugs (or sea cucumbers, not sure) and super awesome really spikey urchins, and all sorts of coral, and giant clams, and and and. It was so amazing. Everyone should try it.


Speaking of coral, look at that chunk that was just on the beach!


And in case you forgot: LOOK AT THAT WATER!


I did take a break to explore the beach after lunch, my poor hair 8D

We had fried rice, kebob, and fresh fruit for lunch, it was delicious!
But the bunnies! So many really dirty bunnies being very insistent that you feed them @.@


We collected some small shells and tiny coral bits to potentially incorporate into jewelry or something later.

Aaaaah, it was SO beautiful. I wish we could have stayed there the whole day.


But we went to three other islands, for much smaller amounts of time. This one only 15-20 minutes. It was still fun, but the water was less clear and less interesting, sea life wise.


This other island had a sand bar you could swim to, which was fun (though still not as nice as the first place!)


The last place we went was actually REALLY cool in a different way, in that they anchored some distance from the island and we jumped off the boat. There were some crazy giant clams.
The tour was juuuust the right amount of time for me, maybe a little too long. Because by the end I was feeling super sick from swallowing so much sea water, and as much fun as it was to float around in the open water for the last three places, bobbing along in the life vest made me really nauseous. Much better to just snorkel and swim, but liabilities :/

We got back around 4:30-5, and walked along the beach to our hotel then trucked up to our room for showers.


Check out the cute pillow structure they left us 8D

From there we decided to just eat at the hotel. And I decided to finish the day off proper with the island cocktail, Samed Butterfly. Which... I seem not to have taken a picture of.
Either that or I took the picture on my phone, which I still have to go through.
But it was a lovely end to a great day!

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