Friday, October 31, 2014

Thailand Day 6 - Part Five

End of Day Six! Wow that took awhile.


We left the Grand Palace around... 3-3:30 in the afternoon I think. And got some street food on the way to... more food.
This is a quail egg fried. It was super delicious.

We ended up going back to that place by the pier with all the food originally.


I found it interesting they just... left this out. Like all day. Is that even okay?


This was next to the plate of meat, I like the display visually.


And where they prepared our food!


Fooooood. I think I got a garlic something. I remember it was delicious though.


Obligatory Thai tea.


Jey's food was also delicious ;_; I want it all.


We also got this soup that... you don't actually eat hardly anything in it. It's all to make an incredibly flavourful broth. Which was great, but substance! I need it!

After we ate we took the river bus back to where it connects with the subway.


I really wanted to hit this temple while we were in Bangkok, but it didn't end up working out.


I don't even know what this one is, there's so many pretty temples lining the river.

After we got the the subway station, Jey went back to the hostel because she was feeling under the weather, and E & I went with Mas to Terminal 21, an airport themed shopping mall!


Each level is supposed to be like a different country.


I have no idea what this says, but I like the styling of the arrivals board.


In "London" all the signs are styled like the tube.


My land!
This is where the food's at!


I think it's also the top level.


San Francisco actually got two levels, one that's like the others with themed stores and the Thai take on what SF fashion is, and the top level which is specifically Fisherman's Wharf and has all the food (not necessarily Californian).


We had this in the food court, Mas said it was her favourite dessert. I loved it, though I can't remember what it's called, and she said it wasn't very good! Or rather, that she'd had better.


Street car! It was a little surreal to be there to be honest.
Then Mas had to go meet some friends for a dinner, and E & I wandered the mall some more before heading back to the hostel.


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