Monday, October 20, 2014

Thailand Day 5

Day 5 was a mostly travel day!
We decided to set no alarms, and just wake when we wake.


Flower from our balcony.
I was actually on top of my packing, so while the others finished their packing I took in the view.

Goodbye Ko Samet!


We took our packs down to brekkie with us, and arranged for the taxi to take us to the pier (free this time, since we actually did the right thing XD).

Then we got on the boat and waited for other passengers.


This is the island of Ko Samet


And this is about where we stayed, right near Sametcliff (next door, in fact).


Sametcliff is just on the other side of that small pier there. Then Samed Club right after it.


On the other side of the boat were the Shair Buay boats!
Also, check out that water!


Serious love for the colour of that water.


So pretty.


But off we zoomed!

So I already can't remember if I mentioned, but on the way out to the island, the waters around the pier were full of jellies, and it was really quite something to see. But I didn't nab any pictures because I was feeling really nauseated after the bus ride, and was more focused on not being sick. So I was really hoping to see that again on the way in, and take pictures.

Alas! It wasn't to be. Not a single jelly.

So here are some pics from my sister's cam from our arrival:


Each little blob is a jellyfish!


There were soooo many. It was pretty cool.

Since we returned to a different pier than we'd set out from, we had to walk up and down a bit to find the bus, but we made it! We took Cherdchai Tours in case you're curious, really straightforward, departs every hour.


Pretty sceneryyyyy


Then we got in a hopped onto the train to our next hostel!


I'm not actually sure if this is Bangkok, or taken in a random city from the bus.

Anyway, we met up with my friend Mask from Malaysia at the hostel <3 nbsp="" p="">And she took us to a restaurant in China Town (which the internet tells me is where the fabric is, but apparently it closes early ;_;).


I don't know exactly what we ate, since Mask ordered for us.




Grilled cockles, Mask said she didn't think we could get these in the states, but I haven't looked yet.


After dinner we found this nightmarket, and I tried to take a pic to convey its depth, but it's hard to tell. Basically, this is a labyrinth of shopping that goes on forever.
We escaped with our lives, but we could easily have wandered that madness until we collapsed.


That's Mask in the yellow, trying to get a cab for us.
We would have to hang back and pretend not to be with her, because the drivers would see white people and automatically quadruple the price! And then not back down. So even though she's not Thai either, they would give her the right price then we'd all rush in, surprise! XD

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