Monday, January 13, 2014

Europe Day 26 - Part Four

Last part of day 26 8D;;
I just took a lot of pictures this day.

Anyway, after Monasterboice we drove down to Trim Castle, but it turned out the last admittance was at 5pm, which was right then almost on the dot. It closed at 6pm anyway, I think, but we thought an hour for E and I to run through it while maybe gramma and mum ate or something would be fine.


It was fine though, E & I walked all around it and then took this “heritage walk,” which was so much fun and took us through some really neat ruins. The above pic of Trim Castle was taken then.

Ruins! This time with added countryside!


This was on the path, so naturally, this.


There were some signs about, this is The Sheep Gate.


It’s from when Trim had a large wall all around it, and was protected by gate towers.


The other towers are no more, and it’s hypothesised that sheep were brought to market in town via this gate. E is representing the sheep for us.


Another view of the castle, as we took sort of a wide circle around it.


SheepGate sans sheep.


The Castle is very photogenic.


This is part of The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, which the sign said was “one of the largest and most sophisticated churches built in Ireland in the middle ages.” And you could just… walk right through it, touch it, jump around on it, it was so cool and THERE.


Loved this bit of broken stairwell, somewhere there’s a pic of E or me climbing the steps or sitting on them or something, but it must be on E’s camera.


If that wasn’t part of the cathedral, then this definitely was.


Just look at that. Can you imagine living here and having the option of seeing that every day? It’s so beautiful.

It was very odd, because there were loads of highschoolers just… chilling on ruins. Like, it was a place to meet. And it’s all so totally normal for them.

After we left there we made our way back to Howth and went to the pier area to look for someplace to have dinner. We chose a particular restaurant because it specifically advertised that it had non-seafood options. I made a note that it didn’t, have seafood that is, but I guess I didn’t pay attention to what E ate. Anyway, it had very nice seafood chowder. We also wandered the pier a bit after dinner and apparently some king visited once and his foot prints are there. Tiny tiny feet. I thought I had a pic but I guess not :/

Then back to the last night at Azure House!

Here's some bonus photos from this day, from my sister’s camera:



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