Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Europe Day 29 - Part One

Day 29! So close to being done with this trip (in the beginning stages of plotting my next trip, which hopefully I’ll be more timely about blogging about…).

In the morning we set out to Kenmare, because there’s a lace museum there that was very highly recommended in the guide book.


Car pic! Probably from my sister. I didn’t take very many pics from the car, as the designated direction giver (which requires constant vigilance, as signs are not always common).



I believe that was in Kenmare, it’s possible it was taken on the way there though.


Idk why cow crossing amuses me, since it’s a legitimate thing. Novelty I suppose.




A pretty small, colourful, very touristy feeling town.
So, Lace Museum. Nuns that had settled in Kenmare did all this crazy intricate lace work, and became very famous for it, and so that’s why there’s a museum. It was… nice, but not really what was expected. Only a 12x12’ room, that was half shop. It had examples in picture frames, and was very neat to look at for sure. And the proprietress demonstrated different kinds of lace making (bobbin, tatting, uh.. other kinds…) and it was interesting. But the whole visit was probably concluded in… 20 min? If you’re really into lace, definitely go. But otherwise, just look up pics online 8D;;;

Anyway, fortunately for us, there was a market on!


So we were able to browse, and got some delicious bread and cheese.


And had ice cream in a cute little shop (honeycomb ice cream it turned out, is A Thing in Ireland, and it is very nice).
And that was Kenmare.  Good if you want to wander tourist shops and take in the “quaint” ambiance, but not much of actual interest.

From there we headed to Killarney!


There was a sheep.


There were a few sheep.


Just sort of chilling. Here I did take more car pics, ‘cause it was just the one road. Though we also stopped.


To look at sheep.


Killarney, 22 km away.

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