Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Europe Day 30 - Part One

Aww today, we checked out of Taobh Coille.


I really enjoyed our stay there. Agnes, the proprietress, was so fun and charming. She made us all feel very at home and was especially attentive to my gramma.

The last of Taobh Coille!

I think I said we wandered down to the edge of their property, through the cow pen, earlier. But actually it was this last day there.


Cows. They are so big.


The sheep started bleating when they saw us, we mentioned it when we got back, thinking maybe we spooked them or they were angry we were in their area, but were told nope, it’s ‘cause they saw someone coming and though “Food!”


This is when we got to the coast and turned around and took a pic. They have a little picnic bench out there for if guests want to sit and eat and just gaze at the bay.


There’s not really a beach, so much as some rocks and hey water!


It was just so nice there, with this all around you.


Aw, I miss it.


Next up, we head to Kilkenny!

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