Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Europe Day 28 - Part One


Sunrise from my window!
Man this makes me really want to go back.

Ring of Kerry doings!


Fresh from the chicken eggs! Also super awesome porridge I didn’t get a pic of, because I snarfed it.


Sheep on their property~

After breakfast we went down the road to “Pat’s Craft Room.” Because the one thing gramma REALLY wanted was an Irish knit sweater. I ended up getting two really nice scarves, and she did get a knit cardigan.

Then we drove along the ring to get to Valentia Island. Agnes, the proprietress of the B&B, told us if we only did ONE thing on the Ring of Kerry, it should be that.


We took a car ferry! It was exciting. No one else got out of the car though. But I felt it was more weird inside the car, with it moving but… not on. It was very disorienting to me.


The island itself is pretty small, but very quaint and just stunning.


Basically we just drove around it in a big loop and stopped a lot to jump out and take pics and explore.


Or rather E & I did, gramma was content to take in the scenery from the car.


But I like to touch things 8D


No seaweed like that hereabouts!


Look! Same teeny tiny island, totally different coast from the previous one!


And more bumply seaweed~

I wonder if you can eat it….

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