Saturday, January 18, 2014

Europe Day 28 - Part Four


We stopped for lunch somewhere in here, in Knight’s Town, which is the only real… town like thing there. It’s basically a main street. We had soup/sammiches, tea, and desserts, and then we browsed a cute used bookstore. And really… I don’t recall much else being there. Knight’s Town Coffee the place was called. It was nice.

Anyway then we went to the opposite end of the island from where we’d entered, where there’s a bridge back to the mainland. That’s where the coloured houses from last post were. By the bridge is a visitor’s center called The Skellig Experience. The skelligs are these two islands about 2miles or so off the coast that monks settled in the… 12th century I think it was. There’s hundreds of stairs carved into the mountains and the stone huts the monks built are still standing.

They have a shuttle… boat… thing to take you to Skellig Michael, and I reeeeally wanted to go because somehow I missed in the guidebook that you *could* go. But they didn’t have anymore that day, and my mum said we could come back the next day, it was close enough to our B&B, but I didn’t have any sort of suitable clothing with me (very wet, very cold). So, next time!

After the exhibit we crossed the bridge back onto the Ring of Kerry, and saw a sign for a local chocolate factory which sounded eeeepic. We followed the signs and… never found it. But we *did* see a sign for “The BEST view of Kerry.” So we stopped off there.

Get ready for THE BEST view!


So first you stop at this house which had converted their front portion to like… a cafe. And you pay to traipse through their property.


They are slow.


Along the path there were these replica beehive huts!


These are replicas of the huts on Skellig Michael :D

Then onto… THE VIEW


Okay actually the opening picture is the view 8D;;


You can see some of the raindrops on my cam 8D


You could see the Skelligs from the telescope. Well, you could see them better.


It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it was a pretty steep drop here, right on the other side of the fence.


That’s basically the pic E was taking too.


It WAS a very very pretty view.
But it was also very cold, and a bit sprinkling.


So then we walked back.



Then we drove back to the B&B area.


More Fuschias. These are probably actually from Valentia though.


Not totally sure where that was. It was that day though.


And then we had a most delicious dinner at a really homey and lovely pub.

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