Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Europe Day 27

Even though I’m posting these after the fact, but quite a bit, I’m getting really sad I’m almost done ;_;


Last morning at Azure House. We met some very nice people there, and I wish I had their contact info.

After we said our good-byes and packed and such, it was off to the ring of Kerry.
We only made a few stops, as needed for stretching, food, and toilets. One of the stops was Adare, a very quaint and picturesque town.

And then onto Taobh Coille!


It’s not a great pic, but, rainbow! We actually saw quite a few of these. It wasn’t surprising, but it’s still nice :D

So the place we were staying, Taobh Coille, is right on the ring of Kerry. When they said “on” it, they really meant it!

There’s a road right, which is the ring, it’s this narrow twisty thing that is 100km/hr which is WAY too fast for them roads, even if we were driving on the right side. Anyway, you literally turn off this crazy road down to the house.


This view is like, right from the car. In their driveway/lot area.




And this is the house!
You can kind of see the road behind it (but it wasn’t loud or even noticeable).


Their doggy! She looked like my Scruffy, which made me really miss him ;_;


My room! The bed on the left is mine, and there’s a window there which had a fabulous view of the bay.




I walked around the property a bit, this is closer to the bay.
It’s a working farm, there’s sheep everywhere, and to walk down to the bay we had to go through the cow’s pen. I’ve never been so close to a cow!

This place was just so gorgeous. I definitely want to go back.

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